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Compensatory Service Design


There are a number of important academic skills that can be carried into many different areas of students’ lives. These include: time management, prioritization, and cooperative learning.

Speech & Language

Communication skills are an important part of education. These include: Speaking clearly, responds to questions, starts conversations, shares their ideas using complete sentences, uses parts of speech correctly, and explains words and ideas.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children develop the basic motor skills and sensory awareness needed for motor development, learning, and healthy behavior. These include the following: body awareness, fine motor, praxis, gross motor coordination, ocular, visual, self-regulation, & sensory modulation.

Interactive parent course designed to identify regression

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Our mission is to provide a multisensory educational care platform for students, while providing support and coaching for their families. We use a team approach to provide efficient and effective services, helping special needs children to thrive.

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