Is REGRESSION a barrier​


Students are experiencing 4 main barriers to learning:

Regression, Social/ Emotional needs, Sensory regulation, and Attention needs. If you are not sure where to begin, you can take our quiz to jumpstart moving in the right direction. This is a really simple place to start if you’re unsure which is your child’s biggest barrier.

Discover if your child is experiencing learning regression (skills declining, over time)

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Our mission is to provide a multisensory educational care platform for students, while providing support and coaching for their families. We use a team approach to provide efficient and effective services, helping special needs children to thrive.

Free *must-have* resource for parents

The Silence Game:
6 Steps to End Boredom

Learn a new technique to tackle your child's boredom
(+ discover an easy way to have your child slow down in a fun, engaging way!)

Imagine the next time your child says “I’m bored”, they are able to look within themselves and work through their thoughts rather than getting upset. Dreamy right?

Parents: this is the perfect starting point even if your child is young or can generally comfort themselves. Grab The Silence Game workbook to get started!