A perfect time to tackle learning loss

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A perfect time to tackle learning loss

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This school year, our children have experienced academic regression unlike ever before. Most students have lost a lot of ground in the due to an entire year of ill-equipped virtual learning. Skills they once mastered long ago now present a challenge for them; and it’s showing up in more than one area. 

Parents have watched students’ confidence and motivation decline drastically, their discouragement at attending “class” without personal interaction with their peers, and their overall learning declining. Besides the learning recession, this has become a larger mental health crisis for many students. 

Parents of children with special needs have grave concerns about their child’s development. The social and academic loss for special needs students is so significant, many parents fear the past year will have caused a lifelong impact on their children. Many little ones within the sensitive age window of 3-6 are most at risk. 

If we aren’t addressing this learning loss now, when are they going to catch up? 

Triton is here to step in when it comes to academic regression. Triton is offering a free online activity for parents who want to know what they can do right now to address learning loss. This 30-minute activity helps parents identify areas their child has regressed, and what their current skills are. 

Triton’s offerings include:

  • Multisensory evaluations 
  • Educational Therapy
  • Ongoing Parent coaching

This summer is the time to act! We want your child to enter their new school year in the fall with confidence, ready to tackle the academic and social challenges ahead of them. If your child needs a boost before school begins again, please reach out to us about their needs. Fill out this form to speak to our Parent Representative for more information. 

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