Empowered parents are transforming education postpandemic

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Empowered parents are transforming education postpandemic

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The past year and a half of educating children during a pandemic has highlighted exactly how important it is for parents to play an active role in their child’s education. It’s a struggle I can empathize with, due to my own struggles as a young wife and mother. 

After I gave birth to my first son, I quickly learned which sources to trust because they were aligned with my intuition as a mother. I was amazed to discover how many things I “knew” how to do. The more I observed the process, the more I marveled in awe at the miracle of motherhood. I quickly learned to trust my own intuition – above anyone else – as a parent. As traumatic as this “trial by fire” was, it jump-started my passion and life’s journey into the discovery of parent/ child relationships. 

The biggest question I have for you right now is, do YOU feel empowered with your child’s education?

If 2020 taught us anything, we learned that the problems were there but hadn’t been identified pre-pandemic. As parents, we are the ones to solve the education crisis and it’s not a “one size fits all” solution. With home learning, parents are developing new ways to offer education, therapy, and socialization in ways that create a more balanced way of learning. These include letting children explore and create, making real and supportive connections in a smaller environment and developing real life skills that foster independence, along with creative and crucial critical thinking skills.

Historically, we have looked to experts to guide us when we are facing problems with our children. Due to these recent shifts in education, we are now listening to our own parental instincts to foster a new type of education. Make no mistake, we are all experiencing massive change. Humans are becoming more fluid, which directly parallels education; one of our children might thrive in traditional school while another might struggle. If there has ever been a time for parents to customize a new way of working, playing, and discovering with their children, that time is NOW!

Parents have a whole new understanding about how much they can do to support their children’s learning, and at the same time, the immense influence that a teacher can have in the lives of children. Going forward, educational systems will need to be more flexible to adapt to students’ needs.

What do you desire in your child’s learning experience? Does it include:

  • Ability to self-pace
  • Flexibility with schedules
  • Fewer distractions
  • Deeper social connections
  • Increased opportunities for critical thinking and movement

Triton Support Services can assist your school on this educational journey through multisensory learning and educational therapy. Fill out this form to speak with a Parent Rep or learn more about how Triton is helping schools improve education as we enter into a new era.

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