Therapy that prepares the brain for learning

Therapy that prepares the brain for learning

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When it comes to finding the right therapy for your child, options may feel overwhelming.. While most parents are familiar with traditional therapies, such as:  speech, occupational, or ABA therapy, there are other  alternative therapies available that prepare the brain for learning. Today we’re an alternative, for your child, that can really make a difference in their growth and development.

If paying attention is a challenge for your child, time spent in traditional therapy can lack productivity. Microcurrent therapy retrains the brain’s electrical impulses to support focus and attention, and can supplement the work that other therapies accomplish. Microcurrent is especially helpful for children with an ASD or ADHD diagnosis. 

Microcurrent is an electric-based therapy that sends gentle electrical impulses to the brain and central nervous system via electrodes. These tiny electrical signals mimic those already naturally occurring in the body, and retrains the brain to produce alpha waves. The brain ideally produces alpha waves in a state of calm wakefulness–the brain is not actively concentrating, but is experiencing relaxation. 

Experiencing a mental state of calm presence associated with alpha waves allows the brain to receive and process information for learning. 

Some behaviors in children are a result of sensory overload. Jumping, banging, squeezing, and fidgeting can be sensory-seeking behaviors in children that seek to receive satisfactory neurofeedback in their bodies. Bodily sensations such as tingling, numbness, or a feeling of floating can also have sensory-related causes. By organizing the sensory processing of the central and peripheral nervous system, a child is much better prepared to pay attention. 

Rickie Lee Ryan, founder of Microcurrent 4 Kids, advises parents to maintain concurrent therapies for their child to get the most benefits. “Microcurrent helps regulate and stabilize the central nervous system, which allows children to be calm, be present, and attend. Microcurrent doesn’t change a behavior or teach a new one, it cleans the canvas to be ready to learn.” Rickie Lee has seen her clients improve their fine motor skills, speech, attention, and even social awareness after consistent microcurrent treatments. Research also supports the efficacy of microcurrent for back pain, knee pain, and ATP generation. Watch Rickie’s video interview here

If you or parents you know are looking for alternative or supplemental intervention for your child (or yourself!), read more at Microcurrent 4 Kids

When it comes to services for your child, Triton supports parents by exploring a wide range of modalities and disciplines. A collaborative approach may help parents see new ways to incorporate learning. You’re just 8 questions away from a new discovery!


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