IEP tips from a Parent Guide

IEP tips from a Parent Guide

December 1, 2020 0

IEP tips are designed for parents who are helping their children access learning support. Using tips from IEPready’s Parent Guide, Alyssa Trahan, is a great place to start.

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else–better than their peers, teachers, or providers. You may notice changes in your child that others miss. Parents may notice their child struggling with concepts they once mastered, or that they are noticeably behind their peers. These deficits can sometimes go unnoticed by educators–they cannot go unnoticed by parents. When it comes to their IEP, there are specific aspects parents need to pay attention to, particularly with the changes that have occurred this year. That is why Triton has a Parent Guide, Alyssa Trahan, to support parents.

If you’re concerned about your child’s progress since the implementation of their last IEP, look first at their past IEP goals. What were your child’s goals prior to virtual learning? Has virtual learning impinged on the implementation of their accommodations? Can your child still realistically receive the support they need to stay on track via distance learning? If not, their IEP needs an update to include goals specific to virtual learning. 

Even after IEP goal setting and revising, a new Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) may be necessary to determine your child’s most recent objective abilities. When is it time to shift the focus on current goals, and turn attention to establishing a new baseline? Some situations when a new IEE is appropriate are:

  • If the school’s progress reporting does not match your child’s independent performance
  • When the school disagrees with parents’ assessment regarding the mastery of a given goal
  • If the school is refusing to retest after parents have requested it 

Parents have the right to a new IEE, upon request. If you feel your child needs a new IEE from a multidisciplinary team, don’t wait. Our Parent Guide can provide you the information to support you and your child. 

To watch Alyssa’s full interview, click here.


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