Staying Connected During Distance Learning Is Critical

Staying Connected During Distance Learning Is Critical

November 9, 2020 0

To combat regression, becoming an active member of your child’s IEP team is essential. Parents have always been an integral part of progress monitoring for their child, and staying connected to your child’s teacher and case manager is even more critical during distance learning—especially if there are concerns with regression or stagnation. Christy Scadden, an advocate at Pacific Coast Advocates, shares a step by step process for how parents can be an active member of their child’s team. 

1. Get organized – Review your child’s current IEP. Important areas for tracking regression or progress are present levels, baselines on goals, and their last progress report on goals.  

(Best Practice tip: note the annual/triennial dates on your calendar. IEP meetings must be held by those dates.)

2. Create a log

    • Track your observations on how your child is doing relating to the identified areas of need from his/her IEP and access to school/distance learning).
    • Track how the IEP is being implemented. Include services your child is receiving (when and from whom) and how they are accessing and interacting with remote therapy. (Note approaches/technology used and which are working or not working.)

(Best Practice tip: this tracking log is just for you, so create whatever works best—notepad, calendar, digital notes, spreadsheets, etc.)

3. Communicate regularly, via email, to your child’s case manager and/or teacher. 

    • Weekly or bi-monthly (or immediately with a timely concern).
    • Discuss your observations, questions, trends, and concerns.

(Best Practice tip: Regular communications gives them the opportunity to respond immediately with solutions.)

4. What if that isn’t enough?

    • Are your emails being ignored, is nothing changing, are new strategies not working? 
    • Request a 30-day IEP meeting. In writing (email), to your child’s case manager. 
    • Bring a bulleted list of your concerns to discuss with the team. Make sure your concerns are recorded in your own words (your list).
    • You can record the meeting with 24-hour written notice (email). 

(Best Practice tip: The meeting must be held within 30 calendar days of your written request—with exception of school holidays 5 days or longer).

As a parent, you are a crucial advocate for your child. But remember, schools are still responsible for your child’s learning, progress, and access to their education. You are there to iron out the wrinkles.

To learn more about regression, check out our regression course by visiting

To watch Christy’s full interview, click here.

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