Parent Course: Let’s Identify Regression

November 2, 20200Regression

Parent Course: Let’s Identify Regression

November 2, 2020 0

As a parent, you may have noticed changes in your child’s academic performance this year. If so, you are not alone. While regression after summer vacation is expected, our children have experienced widespread regression due to distance learning. This “Covid slide” has affected students of all ages and all abilities, although it is particularly serious for students with special needs. Without addressing these academic losses, children can fall even further behind. If you’re wondering if your child has regressed, or have been concerned for some time, we are offering a coaching course for you to identify regression in your child objectively.

Our parent coaching course, taught by our Director of Programs, offers steps to:  

  • observe your child
  • identify a new baseline for your child
  • identify your child’s current skill level
  • take action!

As a parent, you are your child’s primary advocate. Some parents may unintentionally miss a child’s need for support, particularly if (s)he is well-behaved or compliant. A child may not be able to advocate for themselves, and needs keen eyes from an outsider to see that he or she is struggling. 

Our parent course is the first step in identifying a potential need. We want to walk hand in hand with you and your family to meet your child where (s)he is at. Take the first step by registering for our regression course here.


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