It’s hard to learn when you can’t pay attention…

It’s hard to learn when you can’t pay attention…

October 19, 2020 0

Does your child jump from activity to activity without finishing any of them? It’s hard to learn when you can’t pay attention…

Let’s take a look at areas where attention is needed and some factors that can help increase your child’s ability to attend. 

Getting your child to pay attention to schoolwork, a task, or even directions can sometimes or often be a challenge. The challenge may be even more trying if your child has an attention disorder. Everyday tasks that are unavoidable may present a constant struggle. 

Is your child struggling with any of the following areas that require attention? 

  • Listening to instructions
  • Completing homework  
  • Following directions
  • Completing tasks 
  • Sitting still

Whether or not a diagnosis is present, helping children attend to a task or a conversation is an essential skill, though it doesn’t always come naturally. Many different factors play a role in a child’s ability to focus. Factors such as nutrition, getting sufficient sleep and physical activity can really have an effect on your child’s capacity to attend. Healthy lifestyle habits will help your child manage symptoms.

Emotional stress is a major inhibitor of concentration. Consider the family or school stress your child may be experiencing, and the comfort and reassurance he or she may need. 

You can learn quick tips for supporting attention by our Student Representative here. For a deeper look, please view Triton’s parent course on ATTENTION for tips you can implement into your child’s routine.

Learn more about helping kids stay focused here.

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