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Who We Are

July 20, 2020 0

As a clinical team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and educational therapists we are here to support and encourage your child’s development. However, that is just scratching at the surface, so here’s a bit more technical and detailed information about who we are and what we have to offer:

Triton Support Services is comprised of a multidisciplinary team including an amazing administrative staff, innovative speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and educational specialists. They are leaders who strive to support parents of the community by redesigning education to include support services along with both individualized and community-based programs. Collaboration of all team members is imperative to achieve an improved service delivery with functional outcomes for each individual served.

Our speech-language pathologists strive to enhance each individual’s ability to communicate.  They are highly trained professionals who work to improve speech production (e.g. articulation, phonology), language (e.g. morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics), prelinguistic communication (e.g. eye contact, joint attention, gestures), augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) (e.g. picture exchange, dedicated devices, communication applications), cognition (e.g. attention, memory, problem solving, executive functioning), voice, fluency, as well as address feeding and swallowing concerns.

Our occupational therapists provide therapeutic, purposeful goal-directed activities to support functioning in various settings including home, school, and work in order to improve overall quality of life. Through engagement in everyday activities, occupational therapy promotes developing, improving, and/or restoring functional daily living skills, compensating and preventing dysfunction, and/or minimizing disability. Occupational therapy interventions are focused on improving fine-and gross- motor, visual, sensory, behavioral, and self-regulation skills. Occupational therapy promotes an inclusive environment within a natural setting by modifying activities and coaching families. It enhances growth and developmental milestones while assisting in improving academic skills, building play and leisure skills, as well as improving independent living skills.

The educational specialists at Triton Support Services offer customized individual programs in order to tailor each child’s educational needs in conjunction with speech and occupational therapy services. Our educational specialists can also provide services within an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or complete an evaluation of a child’s educational needs in order to provide customized tutoring services in various curriculum areas. Children from all types of schools have the opportunity to receive the services they need regardless of the school they attend (e.g. distance learning, public school, private school, charter school, homeschool, etc.) Each plan is customized to the individual based on their needs as our educational specialists are adaptable and will work with any organization.

Triton Support Services provides a service model that involves complete collaboration and strong connections between clients, parents, clinicians, and a parent representative. This collaborative model creates a bonding relationship between parents, a parent representative, and the clinical staff. The parent representative is a readily available parent partner that facilitates complete coordination of services and increased overall parent involvement.

Triton Support Services’ mission is to provide collaborative care for children with special needs, with a parent representative to help navigate through various needs. Using a team approach, Triton Support Services is providing innovative ways for children with special needs to thrive.

We stand by our mission statement and want you as parents to feel empowered at the center of the collaboration. We will work with you in order to enhance your child’s overall development.

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Our mission is to provide a multisensory educational care platform for students, while providing support and coaching for their families. We use a team approach to provide efficient and effective services, helping special needs children to thrive.

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