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Who We Are

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Triton Support Services is comprised of educational specialists and a parent representative who work together to create an intervention that brings families into lasting transformation for children and teens. We are leaders who support parents in our community by redesigning education to include support services along with both individualized and community-based programs. 

The educational specialists at Triton Support Services offer customized individual programs tailored to each child’s educational needs. Each plan is customized to the individual based on their needs shown in their initial evaluation. We see children of all abilities and backgrounds, and work directly with parents to implement goals at home and school. We prize parent feedback and work in tandem with those who know the child best–you–to create the most rigorous and dynamic intervention possible. 

Triton Support Services provides a service model that involves complete collaboration and strong connections between students, parents, clinicians, and a parent representative. This collaborative model creates a bonding relationship between parents, a parent representative, and the staff. The parent representative is a readily available parent partner that facilitates complete coordination of services and increased overall parent involvement.

Triton Support Services’ mission is to provide collaborative care for children of all needs, with a parent representative to help navigate the course. Using a team approach, Triton Support Services is providing innovative ways for children to thrive.

We stand by our mission statement and want you as parents to feel empowered at the center of the collaboration. 

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Our mission is to provide a multisensory educational care platform for students, while providing support and coaching for their families. We use a team approach to provide efficient and effective services, helping special needs children to thrive.

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